10 Classic Handy Tool Tips and Tricks

10 Classic Handy Tool Tips and Tricks



Whether your a carpenter or woodworker, it’s no secret that you’ll always be using tools to get the job done such as hammers, saws, wrenches, etc. Furthermore, in this article 10 classic handy tool tips and tricks will be looked at and discussed. These tips and tricks, if implemented into your daily carpentry/woodworking adventures, may help you a lot and make your life a little bit easier.


#1: Reciprocating Saw Blade:

Reciprocating saw blades are used to make cuts out of drywall or framing with the teeth of the blade pointing down. However, another way you can use a reciprocating saw blade is by flipping the teeth of the blade upside down (backwards) to make perhaps even more flush/cleaner cuts.

#2: Files:

A file is a tool used to smooth out a surface/edge (much like a sander). One trick to avoid dulling the file faster is by applying pressure during the forward push strokes only rather than applying downward pressure on the return strokes.

#3: Circular Saw:

Circular saws are used to cut through various types of material such as wood, aluminum, vinyl, etc. However, sometimes the saw will leave chipped or rough edges after a cut and so one tip to avoid that is by simply reversing the direction of the circular saw’s blade (backwards).

#4: Saw Support:

Finding the right support when using a saw may be tricky. However, t-blocks are just what you need. Not only will they support the material in which your cutting but also can be used for supporting long boards, raising a project to within a comfortable height on your workbench so you can work more comfortably as well as propping up assemblies. Lastly, they can also be used for a drying rack.

#5: Worktable/workbench:

Trying to find the right worktable/workbench? No problem, just set up two sawhorses and lay an old door on top of them. Surprise! You now have yourself a workbench to complete your projects on.

#6: Use A Magnet On Your Screwdriver:

Every carpenter or woodworker who uses a screwdriver knows that it’s almost impossible not to lose/drop a few screws and never see them again. However, one trick that can prevent that from happening is by rubbing a magnet on your screwdriver causing it to become magnetized. This will ultimately help you find those lost/dropped screws.

#7: Stop Block For Belt-Sander:

When using a belt-sander, it’s important to keep the material your sanding stationary so that it doesn’t jiggle or move out of position. One tip to prevent this is by clamping a stop block on either end of the material (such as a piece of wood) your sanding.

#8: Clamping Nails:

Working in tight spaces or corners, an individual may find themselves unable to hammer in a nail. Thus, a C-clamp can come into use and you will be able to get the job done with ease.

#9 and #10: Prevent Bits From Wandering And Using A Power Strip:

The last two tips/tricks pertain to preventing bits from wandering/moving around and using a power strip. Furthermore, to prevent bits from jiggling around or moving, the trick is to place a piece of soft material (thin cardboard) over the area you are trying to drill. Lastly, power strips are a great way to organize cordless power tool chargers as you will be able to charge them all at once.

Handyman – How to Find and Hire Local Handymen

Handyman – How to Find and Hire Local Handymen


What happens when you want a local professional to help you with your property management needs? Well, you have to consider making informed decisions for the best results. While choosing a handyman might seem like a simple task, it requires some research and deliberation. For those who are not aware, a handyman is simply an individual who has the skills and resources to help you with your property management goals. These individuals are often classified as freelance professionals as when compared to fully licensed service companies. There are various tips available for how to find and hire local handymen. Following this, you can then save the contact of your chosen handyman for future purposes. The following are some of the main factors to take into account:

Handyman with a tool belt. Isolated on white background.


Search on the internet:

The internet has evolved to become an important aspect of our lives today. In particular, it provides one of the best platforms for service companies to interact. Most local handymen often have some form of online presence, to make it easy for clients to locate them. Therefore, ensure that you incorporate your searches with the appropriate keywords for customized results.

Ask for recommendations:

Another factor to consider is that you should always seek referrals from your close acquaintances. To be specific, you want to ask for suggestions and recommendations from any relevant professional. This includes consultancy companies or even property management professionals as well. While you may have to pay a fee for reliable referrals, the overall benefits make it a worthwhile investment.

Visit local professional companies:

Besides that, you may also consider visiting local professional companies for insight. In most cases, these local companies will provide you with high-quality referrals for the best experiences. For this reason, consider visiting the various local professional companies that are within your area.

Ask neighbors and friends:

You might also consider seeking referrals from your close acquaintances or peers. This is by far one of the best solutions for acquiring information for handyman services. This is because, most of the time, our close acquaintances are often associated with handyman services, which provides a hassle-free experience. Ensure that you ask for the best local handymen in town referrals for hassle-free experiences.

Benefits of hiring a handyman:

There are several benefits of hiring a handyman over a hiring a professional company or perhaps going for DIY. In particular, a handyman is more affordable and often has the experienced required to achieve your property management goals. The handyman is also easy to contact and can customize the repair procedure to suit your needs. A good suggestion is to ensure that you retain their contact after the project for future referencing.


Taking all things into perspective, there is no space for poor decision making, especially when it comes to choosing local handyman. Its imperative that you make an informed decision for the best results. Consider the tips mentioned above, and you are more than likely to receive the best value for money.

The 10 Best Handyman Services

The 10 Best Handyman Services


Handyman services refer to those services that are mostly carried around the home and they mostly involve repairs and they are done by a person who is skilled at a wide range of repairs.These tasks involve the application of some basic skills that include maintenance,repairwork, and even trade skills.To be precise, a handyman is best used for small jobs.These services include;

Handyman with a tool belt. Isolated on white background.

1. Plumbing works
2. Flooring/Tiling/Carpeting
3. Electrical and electronic works
4. Painting
5. Refurbishment
6. Kitchen works
7. Pest control
8. Bathroom repair
9. Health check
10. Home/office maintenance

Lets now look at some of the best handyman services that you will find many companies offering as listed above.

Plumbing Works:

This service is most common and in need in households and activities where continuous handling of water is experienced.This kind of work mainly involves fixing any pipe leaks, where tap fixtures are required, mending shower heads, replacing toilet bowls etc.These services require a plumber majorly as a handyman provider.


These services require the operation of a handyman service.In the case where there is a bad floor, the outlook of a house is always pathetic and repair services are always essential.For experienced handymen, they work on any floor type be it marble, stone and pebbles,ceramic.etc.The specialists are also good at different carpeting types.making of wood floors etc.

Electrical and Electronic works:

This kind of services requires a highly trained specialist in the provision of such kind of handyman services.This is usually given a special attention so as to avoid incidences such as injury or damage to property as electricity is always known to be sensitive and dangerous.It mainly involves the installation of electrical items.These items include; electric fans, cookers, bulb fixing and other lightings, etc.Any kind of electrical fault can also be dealt with under this kind of service.


This majorly deals with all kinds of refurbishments, especially in a household.This normally ranges from the bathroom, kitchen, and full property refurbishment.These renovations normally make a place or properties that have been refurbished to appear as brand new therefore giving out a good visual impression to the eye.Through this service, an existing home can be easily converted into a bright, new living places hence rendering this service to be amongst the best.

Kitchen Works:

This one also makes it be amongst one of the best handyman services.This is because everyone aspires to his/her kitchen to be tidy, appealing and in good condition.Hence, this service majorly aims at making the kitchen appear a nice place in all aspects and thus its importance.


Another most appreciated handyman service is about all forms of painting works.There are several paintings that range from building painting, door painting, iron sheets painting, etc.If done by an experienced handyman, it brings about change that normally gives a good visual impression.This makes this service the best.
There is usually soo many available handyman services but the above comprised of the best that are worth experiencing and amazing to handle.

Projects for a Handyman

Projects for a Handyman


You should be able to ask your handyman to help with everything from carpentry to electricity to plumbing. Having a handyman means that you have help around the house and back or front yard with things that need a quick but accurate fix. You should have equipment in storage along with materials.


Here are some of the things that you can ask a handyman to do:

A Simple Kitchen Cupboard Door:

You have a cupboard door that has lost a hinge and it just keeps swing in that one hinge every time you open it. It bothers you a lot. Ask the handyman in your employ to repair that door by replacing the broken hinge and recovering the original look of the door in its setting.

A Garage Door:

You have a garage door that goes up halfway and you have trouble getting your car in and out of your garage. You can ask the handyman to repair that door by changing the cable on the system of the garage door gears. This would allow you easy access to your garage without the stress of a door that will only stop halfway.

Your Bathroom Décor:

You would like to change the décor of your bathroom. You can ask the handyman to put in the few changes that you would like. You may want a fancy mirror in a new place, curtains beside a backdrop, a new arrangement of the shelves in the bathroom and a few other things like those can be done by a handyman.

The Wet Kitchen:

You come home from work and your kitchen faucet has been pouring water all day in your kitchen. Call your handyman right away. He can make a few changes with the use of a snake or some liquid poured down the drain that will solve that problem right away. He can easily help you to prevent further damage to your kitchen floor preventing water damage in any other room.

Backyard Sanctuary:

Your backyard looks really empty and so dark and you want a change. Go shopping for a few pieces of furniture and call your handyman. Work out a plan with him to make the changes to a specified area nearest to your house. Ask him to plant some flowers and shrubs in planters, lay grass turf the size of a patio and to arrange the furniture in a welcoming way. You will then have an after work sanctuary for your family. It can also be used for a weekend getaway at home.


Christmas is coming and you have decided that you want to change the colour of the inside of your home. You handyman can help you to create a new look in a few days. Buy the necessary plastic covering to protect your furniture and go dreaming. Discuss with you family members and pick out your colours. Explain the effect needed to you handyman and let him paint a new look for you.


You just bought a new set of light fixtures which will create a different atmosphere in your home. Call the handyman and he will make the changes. He can take out the old lighting system and replace them with your new ones giving you the desired atmosphere. Imagine doing your reading by night with soft lights that bring a glow to the ceiling rather that a bright hot light into the room.
All of the above changes need not cost you a pretty penny. I am sure that you are in the habit of keeping tools and spare parts in storage at home for emergencies. The shopping can be done at low cost and on Black Friday sales in America. So go ahead and call your handyman. If you need to get it done your handyman should be able to help you do it.