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Sawyer's Handyman Services is dedicated to always give our clients high quality work at a great price.


Whether you are in need of a brand-new fence, upgrading or replacing an existing one, or in need of repairs, Sawyers Handyman Services is the one stop shop.


It is our goal to make our customers feel confident and comfortable with our flooring installation and repair services.


At Sawyers Handyman, our Professional Craftsmen are ready to deal with all of your interior and exterior carpentry needs for your home or business.


Sawyers Handyman Services offers many different painting and staining choices to fulfill your home's interior and exterior needs.

Quality service, fair pricing

We are a group of very talented hardworking very detailed people that always takes great  pride in every task and challenge we take on!

We hold ourselves to a high standard of ethics. The reputation we have developed in the area is both a great source of strength, and a powerful motivating force.

We care to fix it right.

Sawyers Handyman is your one-call solution for a broad assortment of home maintenance and repair requirements. Our uniformed technicians are fully insured professionals. 

Our experienced, professional home repair and improvement technicians are skilled craftsmen with an average of 10 years of experience in the trade.

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10 Classic Handy Tool Tips and Tricks


Introduction: Whether your a carpenter or woodworker, it’s no secret that you’ll always be using tools to get the job done such as hammers, saws, wrenches, etc. Furthermore, in this article 10 classic handy tool tips and tricks will be looked at and discussed. These tips and tricks, if implemented into your daily carpentry/woodworking adventures, may help you a lot and make your life a little bit easier. #1: Reciprocating Saw Blade: Reciprocating saw blades are used to make cuts out of drywall or framing with the teeth of the blade pointing down. However, another way you can use a reciprocating saw blade is by flipping the teeth of the blade upside down (backwards) to make perhaps even more flush/cleaner cuts. #2: Files: A file is a tool used to…

Handyman – How to Find and Hire Local Handymen


What happens when you want a local professional to help you with your property management needs? Well, you have to consider making informed decisions for the best results. While choosing a handyman might seem like a simple task, it requires some research and deliberation. For those who are not aware, a handyman is simply an individual who has the skills and resources to help you with your property management goals. These individuals are often classified as freelance professionals as when compared to fully licensed service companies. There are various tips available for how to find and hire local handymen. Following this, you can then save the contact of your chosen handyman for future purposes. The following are some of the main factors to take into account: Tips: Search on the…

The 10 Best Handyman Services


Handyman services refer to those services that are mostly carried around the home and they mostly involve repairs and they are done by a person who is skilled at a wide range of repairs.These tasks involve the application of some basic skills that include maintenance,repairwork, and even trade skills.To be precise, a handyman is best used for small jobs.These services include; 1. Plumbing works 2. Flooring/Tiling/Carpeting 3. Electrical and electronic works 4. Painting 5. Refurbishment 6. Kitchen works 7. Pest control 8. Bathroom repair 9. Health check 10. Home/office maintenance Lets now look at some of the best handyman services that you will find many companies offering as listed above. Plumbing Works: This service is most common and in need in households and activities where continuous handling of water is…

Projects for a Handyman


You should be able to ask your handyman to help with everything from carpentry to electricity to plumbing. Having a handyman means that you have help around the house and back or front yard with things that need a quick but accurate fix. You should have equipment in storage along with materials. Here are some of the things that you can ask a handyman to do: A Simple Kitchen Cupboard Door: You have a cupboard door that has lost a hinge and it just keeps swing in that one hinge every time you open it. It bothers you a lot. Ask the handyman in your employ to repair that door by replacing the broken hinge and recovering the original look of the door in its setting. A Garage Door: You…

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